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Hazardous Items in the Home

This is a list of some of the items in your home that can present a hazard.

Go through each room and outside, and add anything you find to the list.

Make sure all possible hazards are locked up safely, out of reach from children and pets.

Teach your children the possible dangers.

Keep the list along with the Poison Control number by the telephone

or in your cell phone.

The National Poison Control Center number is 1 800 222 1222.

Take a CPR and First Aid class to know how to handle any emergencies.

Automotive Products

♦ Antifreeze

♦ Air Conditioning Refrigerants

♦ Automotive Batteries

♦ Brake Fluid

♦ Carburetor Cleaners

♦ Fuel Additives

♦ Fuel Injection Cleaners

♦ Motor Oil

♦ Starter Fluid

♦ Transmission Fluid

Cleaning Products

♦ Bleach (laundry type detergents)

♦ Drain Cleaners

♦ Metal Cleaners

♦ Metal Polishes

♦ Oven Cleaners

♦ Pool Cleaners

♦ Tile Cleaners

♦ Toilet Cleaners

♦ Tub and Shower Cleaners

♦ Wood Cleaners

♦ Wood Polishes 

Indoor Pesticides

♦ Ant Baits and Sprays

♦ Bug Sprays

♦ Cockroach Baits and Sprays

♦ Flea Repellents

♦ Flea Shampoos

♦ Fly Sprays

♦ Household Plant Insecticides

♦ Moth Repellents and Sprays

♦ Mouse and Rat Baits and Poisons

Outdoor Pesticides - Lawn and Garden

♦ Fertilizers

♦ Fungicides

♦ Herbicides

♦ Insecticides

♦ Wood Preservatives

Workshop and Painting Supplies

♦ Adhesives and Glues

♦ Fixatives and Other Solvents

♦ Furniture Strippers

♦ Paint - Enamel or Oil Based

♦ Paint Removers and Strippers

♦ Paint Thinners and Turpentine

♦ Stains and Other Finishes

Flammable Products

♦ Diesel Fuel

♦ Gasoline

♦ Gasoline Oil Mix

♦ Home Heating Oil

♦ Kerosene

♦ Lighter Fluid

♦ Propane

♦ Propane Tanks and Other Compressed Gas Cylinders

Miscellaneous Items

♦ Batteries (Household Type)

♦ Driveway Sealer

♦ Fingernail Polish

♦ Fingernail Polish Remover

♦ Fluorescent Light Bulbs

♦ Hair Spray

♦ Mercury Thermometers and Thermostats

♦ Prescription Medications

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