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Be Disaster Ready! Have a Plan. Share it with others. 
First Aid Kits Today.

for you and your family.
Purchase supplies for your home, in the car, and at work.
Purchase supplies for your children and their school.
Purchase supplies for your pets.

Customized your kits to meet your specific needs.
We offer survival kits, survival gear, emergency food, and water,
plus emergency supplies.

When considering which kit to purchase, the type of emergency
for which you want to prepare, the location where you will need the kit,
and the number of people you want to have prepared are important factors
in your decision.
There are a number of different kits available, depending
on the emergency for which you want to be prepared.
Each emergency requires different items to be adequately prepared.
There are a number of different kits available, depending on the emergency. 
For example, earthquake kits contain a shut-off wrench, school lockdown kits
 contain a portable toilet, and shelter in place kits contain plastic sheeting
and duct tape.

 Additional emergency supplies can also be added to each kit to customize it,
 depending on the situation.

The company with whom we work* is headquartered and warehoused
 in Los Angeles, California. We ship orders anywhere in the United States
and also internationally. Our goal is to provide customers
with the highest quality emergency kits and supplies to prepare them
 for any disaster before it happens. We are a leader and the expert
in the emergency preparedness category

On this website, you will find everything you need to ensure you
and your family are prepared for any emergency, whether you are at home,
in your car, at school or at work. 

Hundreds of thousands of emergency kits and supplies have been sold 
to individuals, families, school, government agencies, and businesses. 
You get direct from the manufacturer quality, customer service, and speed
of delivery.
Because you are buying direct from the manufacturer without the middle man,
 prices are very competitive and can’t be beaten. Our in-stock products are ready
 to ship directly to your doorstep within 1-2 business days.

Recommended Products
(Disaster Services And Supplies only recommends products from companies that meet our high standards)

Everyone needs a bit of added security at times - whether it be in your home, workplace, school, house of worship or where ever else you spend time.
Now a days, violence seems to be on the rise.

Here is an American Made solution to help you out!

The Active Crisis Tool (ACT) is a door barricading device
designed by veteran SWAT Officers
specifically for keeping active assailants out during lockdowns and lockouts.

Anchorman, Inc has exceeded code standards by creating an Anchor Plate
so the ACT is not permanently affixed to the door (avoiding any code violations).

In addition, there is a child proof mechanism built in for unlocking the ACT
from the outside by first responders with a specially made key.

More information is available on their website -

When there is someone who has a Medical Emergency and cannot speak,
time is of the essence. We strongly recommend anyone with a Medical history (such as heart conditions, diabetes or allergies to wear a Medic Alert tag).

But not everyone has a know Medical condition. 
We recommend "wearing your identification" anyway.
These are great for people who participate in outdoor sports,
and for adults and children at various attractions such as theme parks
or parades and fairs.


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