www.DisasterServicesAndSupplies.com - It is not IF a Disaster or Emergency is going to happen,
Disasters Happen.
The choices made before, during and after a disaster or emergency can affect whether you may live, be injured or die.
Your own lifestyle and the current state of your mind and body will contribute to how you handle a stressful event.
Everyone's situation is different. The information here is general information to use as a starting point for every family.
Every disaster is different. The information given is considered the best advice for most circumstances.
We will not be with you in a disaster, so do the best you can in the circumstances in which you find yourself.
For example, in a house or apartment fire, it is suggested you do not jump from upper story windows. By jumping, you could injure yourself or die. You should wait for the firemen to rescue you.
However, if the fire department is not yet in position to perform a rescue, and the fire is going to consume you, you may choose to jump.
The sad truth is that some people may be injured or die during a disaster or emergency no matter how prepared you are.
That is Life.
Therefore, there are no guarantees or warranties connected to the information found on this website.
There is no possible way to include information to cover every single situation that might occur to every person who reads this.
Be as prepared as you can possibly be for whatever situation you may encounter. Gather information from all possible sources and incorporate that into your plan.
Get trained in CPR and First Aid.
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